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Maintenance Engineering

A Once in a Lifetime Career!

Choosing a career and a company can be difficult. At Maintenance Engineering, we believe we make that decision easier by what we have to offer. Our commitment to people provides independent representatives a lucrative, enjoyable and exciting career that rewards them professionally while enriching their personal lives as well.


National Strength With Local Focus

Even though Maintenance Engineering is the largest independently owned lighting firm in the United States, we still maintain our family values and appeal. The attitudes and beliefs the company was founded on create a unique culture, based on a commitment to product quality, service and most importantly people. This provides you and our customers with more than just an average experience. We are different and better!

Work Environment

Maintenance Engineering offers a stimulating, financially stable, and self rewarding work environment that allows you to apply your talents. By working together to set and achieve your goals we are able to provide you with that career satisfaction you have been seeking. Through teamwork and the application of your abilities we will not only exceed your expectations, but also the expectations of our customers.

Training and Development

At Maintenance Engineering we understand our strength lies in our people. That's why the time, effort and support devoted to our training program is unmatched. We are serious about your success, and offer multiple opportunities to continuously learn and develop your talents. With 40+ years of experience and proven sales methods; we provide you all the tools and resources to a successful career.

Our History and Success as an Organization

We are proud of the tremendous success and growth we have been able to accomplish since we came to be in 1974. The time and effort we have invested into Maintenance Engineering has allowed us to become the #1 Premium Quality Industrial Lighting Company in the United States and Canada. What this company sells in one year could illuminate an eight foot wide hallway from New York City to San Francisco. In a country where nearly 5.5 million light bulbs are sold daily, Maintenance Engineering is the largest independently owned industrial lighting firm. We are passionate about standing above the competition, and will continue to do so through innovation and anticipating our customer's needs.

We Are More Than Just a Job

Representing Maintenance Engineering is an opportunity for you to reach the levels of personal and financial wealth that you have been seeking. We embrace being different because that is what makes us better. With our unique company culture, dedication to training and a long history of success; you will find that Maintenance Engineering is the ideal place for you to grow and develop your unique talents.